What is the Best Blog Host for You?

When asked about the best blog host for us, we find it a little bit difficult to decide as there are a few of them that we like very much. If pressed to make a decision, however, we would go with the paid version of WordPress which ends in .org.

There are two different versions of WordPress and they are quite different. WordPress.org is a full webhost with unlimited possibility in terms of what you can use it for. WordPress powers a huge percentage of the sites on the net, and there are several good reasons for its popularity.

Theme Selection and Modification

For one thing, the themes that are available are incredible. There are thousands of interesting themes to choose from, and since they are all on the same platform, it is very easy to sample different ones as you see fit.

In addition to having one of the largest theme libraries online, with the .org version of WordPress you have complete control over the code that drives the theme. What that means is you can change, take away, or add any design elements or features that you want with ease.

Great Plugins

Another area that is very well-developed is in the third-party plugins market. Plugins are added bits of code that add functionality to your site. There are plugins for just about everything. Some of them are free and some are premium, but one thing that they all share is that they make your site stronger, safer, more efficient, and faster if you use the right combination of them. The fact that the plugins are mostly user-created means that they were made to fulfill real-world needs.

Monetization Made Easy

Making money on a WordPress.org site is easy too. As you have complete control on the entire site, it is quite simple to add commerce options to your page. Selling ads is another great option and the whole process is made relatively easy due to the reliability of the platform and the popularity of the host. Everything just works when you want it to which a great feeling when you are working on a website.

Summing Up

In general, we would recommend WordPress.org to almost anyone for the above-mentioned reasons. There is a lot that they have going for them and pretty much anyone, from any skill level, can figure out how to get their ideas published online.

There are a few other choices out there as well, and each one comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses but we would always say that WordPress.org is your safest bet.