Select a web host

When you have decided to build your website, figuring out which company to go with is not necessarily an easy proposition. First, there is the matter of almost every company offering webhosting services saying that they will be the best for you. Then, there are all the different types of accounts that you can choose from.

Some have support for moderate number monthly visitors, while others can handle many thousands. Some offer you almost 100% up time and your own dedicated server while the next company will give you a shared server. The list of considerations is quite extensive but here is a top 4 list of things to consider before choosing your webhost to get you started.

  • Reputation

It may seem obvious, but going with a company that is well-known and widely used for your hosting needs is always a safer option than going with a hosting company that is either new on the scene or is not very popular. Standing up through the test of time shows that the company has the experience needed to provide a reliable service.

  • Extras

Given the competitive nature of webhosting services, they all tend to offer extras when certain packages are purchased. Going for a host that offers things like regular backups, encrypted data storage, unlimited bandwidth, and additional domain names for free is a good place to start.

  • Speed

When it comes to speed, not all webhosts are created equal. The time it takes to load a website is extremely important and finding a host which offers loading times under a second can make a big impact on the overall performance of your site. People don’t hang around for very long on slow websites unless they have to.

  • Uptime

Uptime is another very important factor. Nothing would be worse than losing important business because your webhost went down. The golden rule concerning uptime is to select hosts that offer 99.95% uptime over the course of a year. When you have a successful site, remember to consider tax friendly countries in order to optimize your winnings.

A Word of Warning

When you have matched your needs with the services offered by one of the top-performing webhosts, and then considered which of their packages you can afford to pay over the long term, it will be time to sign yourself up. The most important thing to remember is that once you have begun with one company, it is not that easy to carry your website URL to another webhost, so it’s better not to make this choice hastily.